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A Safe Investment in PC Associates Building Code Review

Safety and accessibility are critical to any construction project. Code requirements are constantly changing to match new products, methods, and technology. Keeping up with the pace of change can be difficult, even for large contractors; as a result, building plans often contain errors and omissions that fall short of code compliance. These code violations can have high costs. Failure to comply with building and safety codes can result in schedule alterations and budget increases. Contractors may be unable to meet deadlines, instead spending time overcoming the early design errors that violated safety codes. Contractors must request change orders to obtain the resources for code compliance, further delaying project completion.

Federal, state, and local building codes include restrictions on the types of buildings that can be constructed, the types of materials that can be used, and the locations on which construction projects can be built. Being aware of and understanding the existing building codes and the differences between lot options before construction can reduce overall project costs for both the project owner and the contractor.

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