Web Hosting Selection – Decision Making For Beginners

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beginner webhostingWeb hosting is one of the main needs of any website. The primary issue you are dealing it is the development or the coding. Yes, that can take a lot of time, but if done properly it should form the basis of your success. However, just possessing a great website is not enough! You also need to choose the right domain name. The domain name can make your website known or make it a complete failure, so you need to choose carefully.

Once you have the actual website and the domain name, all you have left to do is find the right host that include all the essential features that you need. The success of your business comes from combining the hosting, the actual website and its name to form a beautiful match.

So where do you start when you choose your web hosting service? You simply need to start by assessing your needs. There are several questions you need to ask yourself regarding your website and once you’ve done it you may actually proceed to searching for the right suit.

ecommerce webhostingThe first question you should ask yourself is what is the purpose of the website. Do you want to simply blog or present your company? Do you own a small business and plan for ecommerce ? Or are you a developer planning to have more than one website hosted?

If all you want is to host one simple website you should definitely go for a basic plan. Choose limited disk space – as much as you need, but without going overboard. Choose a reasonable bandwidth, according to the traffic you expect and one domain name with one database will do it for you.

However, if you own a small business you can expect a lot more traffic so go for a much wider bandwidth. Make sure that all the technologies you are using are supported on the server (like PHP, MySQL, secure protocol). One domain will suffice though as you only own one website. You will also be OK with limited disk space as one website, no matter how complex won’t become too large.

To ensure better protection in your online business transaction, Secure Ecommerce System should also be included in your checklist while selecting suitable web host provider. Further, it is highly advisable to have suitable Content Management System in your hosting package, to help your better in developing your ecommerce store at later stage.

If you are a developer or you simply have a business using more than one website go for the unlimited plan. Why would you spend your money on the most expensive option? It’s simply because you need to think about the future. You don’t want to buy a new host every time you create a new website. Purchase one unlimited plan once and you will take advantage of it no matter how many more websites you will own in the future.

The key point when choosing your hosting service is simple – make your choice in accordance to your needs. Don’t take the unlimited plan if you don’t need it and don’t be too cheap or you’ll end up spending more in the future.