Getting Your Hosting Package – Cost, Performance, Service Standards

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brandMore and more people are attracted to the Internet. With a website you can for example present yourself as a person of interest, or even create your own club. A dedicated website will allow interaction with other people.

But the way is not so easy. The market is very confusing and the provider offers a diverse selection of levels of performance, service standards and costs variations. It will be difficult to find suitable web hosting package to suit your exact needs.

There is a lot of web hosting selection out there, you should make sure to explore the benefits, features, functionality, technical support and so on.. Here you can be simplified with the following in your search for the right web hosting offer.

Server Storage – How much disk storage ?

The required storage space on a Web server depends on the size of your website needs. This is calculated as the sum of all text, graphic content, databases and other files on the whole website. Every web host offers according to package or offer different memory sizes ranging from 1MB to over 2000MB. For a private or personal website, it is often enough a small supply of 1 MB. However, larger presences should be represented, for example with lots of pictures or graphics, you need more space accordingly.

The storage space required is usually not the decisive factor in the hosting price. For this reason, it should be generously dealt with it accordingly, not to bump early on the limits of the offers.

Bandwidth Required – The expected transfer volume

bandwidthIn general, Bandwidth refer as the amount of data that is expected between the site and its readers to be transferred. Generally, one can assume that each attending about 20 to 50 KB of data – including “Traffic,” will be transferred. With expected e.g. 30,000 users per month the transfer of volume ranges from 0.6 to 1.5 GB.

Some providers offer in their offers unlimited transfer volume. Others expect fixed volume quotas. Here are some examples of additional traffic (such as downloads on a page).
Note: If you plan to put some pictures and music on your page, traffic will turn more intense than if visitors only read texts. Your prospective providers should be flexible to respond to growing transfer volume, and may submit a new offer.
The Identity – registration of the domain

The domain name is your “address” on the Internet. Therefore, you must apply and register it so that confusion is excluded to other pages. Most providers take the application for you. To find your domain name and related website on the Internet, there is the command line of a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) the domain name e.g. like follows: You can also name your own domain name and choose national or international domain extensions (.com / .eu / .com / .net / .org / .info / .biz / .name / .at).