Server Reliability and Performance Benchmarks

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server networkThe server is the central computer on a network for data storage and provision of resources. The network operating system is installed and managed on the server. It is very annoying for a provider or site if the server fails for a few minutes or even a couple of hours.

So ask about the reliability of the server before entering into a contract with the provider. Citing server failure as a reason to change providers may be require you to give several months notice and a possible incur transfer fee for the assessment of the domain.

The availability should be at least 80 percent of the daily average. Some providers even offer compensation in the form of credits in case of server failures. Server outages due to external problems (earthquakes, war, and weather damage) are usually excluded. Dedicated and colocation services are available from a variety of reliable providers like Peer 1 hosting.

Support of a Reseller
server center supportShould there still be problems with the server, a technically adept and easily accessible support is virtually irreplaceable. With this new service, opportunities vary with the respective sellers. There are service centers, technical support, retrievable manuals, FAQ’s, email support and telephone hotlines.

It is often pointed out, in case of failure, one should, first check the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions read) or download the retrievable manuals. If this still does not help identify and solve your problem, then majority of providers either provide an email support or telephone service, with some might even go for teleconference service ( if you are indeed important client ).

Note that in selecting the supplier that telephone services have significant differences; there are free and paid hotlines. In any case, you should make sure that the toll hotline is a normal phone number and not a 0190 number. It should also provide around the clock, seven days a week service with employees of the provider within reach.

Test providers
If you have limited eligible web hosting company to suit your requirements and criteria to test the accessibility of the telephone support, numbers are at best preliminary. Here, look at it: Does the vendor quickly e-mail or telephone you with inquiries? Is the telephone support line constantly busy or fast to get through possible? Are the employees friendly and service hotline, you can offer competent help for your problem opened?

Some providers offer new customers the opportunity to test your own server. Generally, this is a trial period of 30 days, without long notice periods and with a money back guarantee if not satisfied. You should make use of such an offer, whenever you can and attempt to create a separate website with all benefits.

Hardware Availability
The availability of the hardware refers to the proper functioning hardware provided to Customer by Provider under the lease.

Service Level Agreements
Just as precisely formulated service level agreements, a hosting provider should offer the customer a reliable basis for possible claims.
If the Service Level Agreement is otherwise agreed, the monitoring of the server will be according to the report of a possible disturbance independently, required by the customer. Typically, the part of suppliers and the availability of hardware are guaranteed by at least 99 percent.