Ensuring Smooth Server Functionality with Round the Clock Monitoring

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server networkServer is the backbone of any network whether small or big. It is necessary to monitor the functionality of server . Since all the applications and basic programs are linked with server and if something goes wrong with server entire of the network collapse.

Professional network engineer or server administrator who is given the responsibility for maintaining smooth server functionality should be very experienced and qualified with complete knowledge of server like handling installations, maintenance, security, troubleshooting and operating system of server .

Server is the vital and crucial part, as all the applications are linked with it and entire operations of the organization is dependent on server. So round the clock monitoring is required for smooth operation of server and smooth operation of organization.

Depending on the application and configuration, servers are designed by various companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Sun etc and all the servers use different technologies and features to satisfy customer demands and requirements. It is necessary to appoint system administrator possessing complete knowledge of server regardless of brand and company .Verify credentials in handling various job roles like system administrator, network administrator, information system administrator, network analyst, network engineer and desktop specialist. This is done to ensure that person is capable of handling any type of situation in case of emergency.

server network monitorNow days, there are various software available to monitor server activities and to prevent server from malfunctioning. After fixed interval of time, it checks and ensures that all the functions are working and if due to some reason stops working, it will reset them. System Integrity monitor by RFX networks is one such software used to monitor server functionality. Few features of System integrity monitor program:

  • Informative command line display
  • Ability to auto restart system with definable vital load level
  • Event tracking and alert system
  • Check against network sockets and process list to ensure that all services are online
  • Latest and advanced HTTP service monitoring , to protect commonly encountered issues
  • Auto ability restart feature for downed services

Sever monitoring is crucial aspect for companies into online business that conduct huge business transactions using internet and for companies that have global presence and are very much customer oriented. Server monitoring is required to ensure that all their clients are able to conduct business activities with ease and accuracy and there is no congestion or huge volume of traffic on any network.

Many people think that monitoring server is the only simple way to prevent issues that would cause server to crash but that is not the only solution to secure server. Another important aspect of these monitoring services is their ability to detect under performing server and detect cause. For example dust in exhaust fan, buggy reboot etc can lead to server crash . Due to any reason, if server slows down your customer also slows down and you are left with no option. So you should always have preventive and corrective measures in place round the clock to manage smooth functioning of server.