Domain Name as Starting Point for Online Business and Branding

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Domain Name From The Inside OutDomain name is a name that you’ll use to rename your website. Your domain name will replace your initial web address that usually given in IP address. Domain name could also be used to identify each page in your website, for example, This page is showing the main page of your website, and your domain name is

To get a domain name, you’ll need to register it with a domain name service registrar. Please note that there are no two domain names that have the same words or numbers. It’s because each domain name is unique, and if there is already a person register the domain name, you can’t buy the same name.

ICANN AccreditedICANN is the organization that’s responsible for providing procedures and standards for certifying any companies as a domain name registrar. It means if you want to start a business to sell a domain name to end users, you need to be registered with ICANN first.

The domain name service is still growing throughout the years. You could find that there are more domain name registrars today than ten years ago. The first domain name registrar that you could find is Network Solutions ( A domain name registrar is allowed to access and change the master database domains on InterNIC servers. The fee to access this master database is determined by the registrar. That’s why you could see that the price of a domain name will be different between each domain name registrar.

For a small business owner and companies, having a domain name is a must, especially if they’re planning to launch a website online. The domain name will be the business identity so that people could find it easier on the Internet. The domain name could also used as a branding tool. You could build an excellent websites, services, or customer supports in your website, and people will remember your domain name every time they want to buy your products or services.

Putting your domain name on the advertisements media or name card will boost your sales because people who can’t come directly to your place could access your website online, and buy it from there.

To buy a domain name, you need to get a domain name registrar first. You could go to GoDaddy ( or NameCheap ( to register your domain name. After that input the domain name that you wish to buy. The registrar will do the check first whether the domain name is already bought or not. If it is, you’ll need to insert another domain name, if it’s not, you’ll proceed to the payment page. After you do the payment, the registrar will need about 24 hours to activate your domain name before you can use it.

Domain name registrar usually has complete packages inclusive of web hosting and website builder functions that you can choose. They put together a deal for you to have a web hosting along with a bonus domain name. This is a great choice for you to have a domain name and web hosting at the same time.