Setup Your Domain Name and Link it to Actual Physical IP in Your Web Host

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One of the most asked around questions, especially on hosting forums, is how to set up your domain name in webhost. Many people buy a hosting service, also buy a domain name but it’s not that easy (at least at first sight) to set everything up.

First of all let’s discuss what the purposes of both parties are.
webhosting serviceThe web hosting service is in fact a physical machine that is connected to the Internet. It’s not the typical server which you have set up in your home or at work but it’s usually a high performance machine hosting thousands of websites. The host is the physical entity which deals with your website.

Your webhost is the space where you store all the files – from HTML files and server scripts to images and clips. Further on, the webhost is also the server which runs the PHP code before generating the content for your user.

The host keeps and manages your databases ( the most common and widely in use is MySQL ). The host is the ones which directly connects to the your visitors. Imagine if your website is high traffic volume, having more than 10000’s visitors on your website at a given moment, which is especially the case for Internet Marketers hosting needs. Each client only handles one connection. The server, however, needs to deal with everyone at once. That is quite a difficult job and only large, powerful machines can do it.

So what and whereabout is the domain name then ?
The domain name is actually just a name. It has no physical equivalent. One way a user could get to your website would be to type in the address bar the IP of your server. But there would be several problems in this case, and the biggest one is the fact that on the same server it’s not just, there thousands more websites. So that is not a solution. The domain name come sin handy and is the way your computer knows how to find any website.

Domain Name ServerWhen you try to access a website two things happen: first of all your request goes to a DNS (Domain Name Server). Domain name servers keep the evidence of all domain names out there and link the names to the actual physical IPs . The second thing that happens is that the DNS sends the physical address back to you so you can know where to go looking for the website.

So there are two things you need to do when you set up your domain name on your web host.

First you need to find out the name servers of your host. They’re usually something like,, but the best thing you can do is to ask the staff. They will tell you exactly how they are called. Once you know them simply go the domain name provider and enter them in the appropriate section.

The second and final thing you need to do is also tell the host that you have a new domain added on. So just go to the add-on domains section and enter the URL of your new website.

With these two simple steps completed, both you host and your domain name provider know how to find each other. Now just wait a few hours until everything gets synchronized and you are ready to go.