Making Your Mark In The Metals Market

Investors often choose precious metals as their investment of choice because of the high potential and value. The precious metals available as investments have not just consumer demand, but industrial demand as well. Metals that are called precious are those that are rare, with declining supply, such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium.

How to Invest in Precious Metals
If you choose to enter the precious metals market for your investment portfolios, you have several options available to you. While many people choose to invest in coins or bullion for gold, silver or other metals, these aren’t your only options. Here is a brief outline of the ways you can invest in precious metals.

Coins and BullionOne of the most popular options for investors who are interested in precious metals is with coins and bullion. Bullion is made from a liquefied form of the metal that is then put into a bar or coin mold. Coins are usually in small, one-ounce weights. Bars come in many different sizes and purities; with the prices varying depending on how much of the metal is in the bar, and which it is. Prices of different metals change quite a bit.

Other OptionsIf you would rather not have the physical product, you can invest in the precious market through options, futures, stocks, mutual funds or even certificates. Each of these has their own guidelines, so it is best to speak to a professional in the precious metals market and watch the market trends for a while before making your decision.

Types of Metals to Invest In
There are five main types of precious metals in the market for investors: gold, silver, palladium, rhodium and platinum. Each type of metal has its own pricing structure, trends and forecast. You can choose a single precious metal for all of your investing, or mix it up by having investments of more than one precious metal.

GoldGold is among the most favorable precious metals to invest in, with a decent outlook for the 2014 year. Prices may go down occasionally with gold, but they typically go back up. Gold has a rich history in the world, drawing a lot of attention from investors of precious metals. It is also one of the most pricy metals, with only platinum costing more per troy ounce.

SilverThe next most popular metal is silver, which is also one of the least expensive. Silver has demand in its industrial properties mostly, though you can also find it as coins or jewelry for investments. Bullion of silver is used in manufacturing, automotive, technology and industrial areas, which is what draws most of the demand for this metal. It is good for starter investors since it is just about $20 per ounce.

PlatinumThe most expensive precious metals you can invest in is platinum. It is often around the same price as gold, though mostly higher. Platinum is more popular in the consumer industry, particularly as jewelry, but can also be seen frequently with industrial purposes. Platinum has a growing demand and diminishing supply, which helps to drive up the price. It is another safe metal investment for 2014.

Palladium and RhodiumThe last two precious metals are palladium and rhodium. Each of these is used in different industries, like automotive or technology. Palladium has really picked up in value and demand over the last couple years, even being more poplar than gold and silver for many months in a row. Rhodium on the other hand, has not had a good year, so it is a long shot.