Getting Started in Precious Metals Investing

Savvy investors have been buying ad hoarding precious metals for countless years. Gold, silver, and more recently platinum and palladium, all have significant intrinsic value that makes them an ideal currency and store of value. During times of economic disparity and political unrest, these metals become exceptionally appealing due to the fact that they act as a hedge against recession and inflation. In fact, the price of precious metals tends to rise when fiat money descends. Following both markets allows investors to be able to accurately predict fluctuations and use them to their benefit.

In particular, silver seems to be the precious metal to keep an eye on in 2014. Silver’s spot price has already risen a significant amount in the past few years, and many financial experts speculate a tremendous increase in value for a number of reasons, mainly industrial demand. There are many industries that rely heavily on silver because it has many unique characteristics that make it an ideal metal for many tasks.

One prominent example is electronics. Silver’s conductivity makes it an essential component in many modern appliances and gadgets like computers, cell phones, and pretty much anything else that runs on batteries or plugs in. Obviously technological advances are happening constantly, so it is completely reasonable to assume that the demand for electronics materials is only going to keep rising exponentially to keep up. As the finite silver supply diminishes, we can logically deduce that the price will skyrocket.

Although it does tend to be more volatile, silver offers much of the reassurance that gold provides owners, at a fraction of the price. Even the silver’s low price does make it more susceptible to dips and jumps; it still is on an upward path when you think long-term. Silver’s bull run is unlikely to be ending anytime soon, making now an excellent to buy while the price is still low. If you thought precious metals investing was just for wealthy investing moguls, you may want to rethink your position. These days, investing in silver is something that anyone can afford. Even just buying a silver coin or bar once in a while is a simple and effective way to start storing value for when you really need it.

Although it may be tempting to buy silver now while the price is low and then resell for profit as soon as it starts going back up, most experts agree that it is best to hold your silver long-term for the greatest returns. Precious metals tend to behave better when treated as a savings option, rather than for day-trading. Having a well-hidden safe with precious metals safely stored is one of the best ways to keep your money in your possession, and watch it grow.

Precious metals are connected to many other markets, which is why it is always a good idea to watch and learn before spending your money. Once you feel like you are comfortable with seeing how each different precious metals behaves and interacts on a global level, then you will be a much more effective investor. Silver is a great way to get started because there is minimal risk with endless potential. Even a small investment could easily turn into something substantial down the line.


To learn more about getting started in precious metals investing in 2014, simply contact a reputable dealer and ask for some time-sensitive advice. Good dealers will not try to hard-sell you; rather they will present you with the facts and allow you to make an informed decision for yourself. There is no harm in learning about your options. Many precious metals investors have been thrilled to see their savings grow year after year.