Essential Features that should be included in Web Hosting

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webhosting basicYou are probably at the stage at which you are looking for a host for your website. This is one of the most important steps in the process and you should take your time when making your choice in web hosting plan. When checking all the offers out there you get bombarded with tons of features and information about what the host is offering. But which are the truly important features which will make the difference? Below you can check out the top 6 most important features which make a web host be a good one.

1. Bandwidth
The first and most important feature which you need to check when assessing a web host is the bandwidth. This tells you how much traffic can the server take. This is especially important if you actually plan to gain important traffic for your website. The larger the bandwidth the more visitors you can take, the lower is the risk of having your site offline for such a stupid reason.

2. Up-time
The up-time represents the ratio between the time when the server is up and running and the total time. The truth is that servers today all have up-times over 99%. So what you should be looking at is the number of decimals. A good host should have an up-time of over 99.99%. The closer to 100% the better. This will prevent the unfortunate event of losing visitors due to the server being down.

3. Disk space
Disk space is important especially when the number of files hosted grows with the number of visitors. Say you would have a system of users, where they could exchange messages, upload an avatar etc. Then with each new subscribed user you would have more disk space occupied. So think about it in advance and decide which is the minimum disk space you will need in order to keep your business running.

4. Email
One of the coolest things about having a personal website is having a personal email address. So when you decide which host you want to choose think email capabilities and email storage space as well.

5. Databases
Databases are a hugely important part of a website. There are 2 things you should check here. First you want to have a reasonable number of databases you are allowed to create and also you should have enough storage space. Databases can grow fast in size when storing information. So think this through!

6. Support
Support is an important part of any host. You will often need assistance regarding the features of the host. So what you need is a 24/7 presence of professional staff. You will save lots of time while developing your website if the host offers you the proper support.

These were the most important hosting features you should look for while surfing the web, looking for the right host. Keep these in mind and make sure you prioritize. Don’t let yourself driven away by the other features if these basic ones aren’t right.