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Financial and Environmental Benefits of Solar Power

Solar power has been commercially available for decades but only recently has it become a serious option for many residential consumers.  However, many doubts still exist as to whether or not it is worth going the whole nine yards and installing a residential solar panel system.  Some worry about the efficiency of the system and whether or not it will provide their homes with enough energy.  Others are concerned that it is not a financially viable option and that the initial set up costs are just too inhibitive, restricting the technology to those that have a superfluous amount of disposable income. 

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Verengo Solar Helps Californians Meet The Renewables Portfolio Standard

California has plenty of solar power potential due to its geographic location and favorable climate. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates the annual average solar radiation received by southern California varies between 6.0 and 6.8 kilowatt-hours per square meter per day. (1) Going completely solar is not enough to meet all of California’s energy needs. Solar power can meet a percentage of them. In recognition of this fact, the Renewables Portfolio Standard or RPS mandates that fully 33 percent of California’s energy supply come from renewable sources by 2020.

Renewable energy covers a broad array of energy sources such as municipal solid waste incineration, landfill-produced biogas and geothermal energy. Solar photovoltaic power will only produce enough energy as is feasible to collect from the sun. Solar installation companies like Verengo Solar can help residential utility customers meet the RPS. Solar power can help cut electricity bills by lowering grid-based consumption or through California’s state-wide mandatory net metering program.

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Slash Electric Bills With Zero Down Solar

Most of us cringe as we open our electric bills each month. It seems like electric rates just keep going up. Most of us go around our homes turning off lights and the television that nobody is watching, and while every little bit helps, our grid bills are still too high. There is a better way, solar energy. One company, Verengo Solar offers zero down solar panels. If you are tired of paying huge electric bills then you need to take a good look at what modern solar panels can do for you.

According to daily Finance leasing residential solar panels offer homes a way to cut down high electric bills by paying a small monthly payment, without upfront costs. Most leases have the consumer paying the same amount for electricity during the lease, typically 20 years. This lowers their electric bill eliminates high bill surprises. The leasing company actually owns the solar panels and provides any maintenance that may be needed for the life of the lease.

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Determining the True Cost of Solar Panels

With the rising cost of electricity and the rising levels of the ocean, conscientious and thrifty homeowners are turning more and more to solar energy to save money on utility bills while substantially reducing their carbon footprint.  Long recognized as a green, renewable form of energy, solar power has only lately begun to come into its own as a viable source of residential power that actually saves homeowners thousands of dollars off of their electric bill every year.

Homeowners who continue to stay in their home for five to eight years after installing solar panels will begin to see a significant return on their investment, which will continue to grow for many years to come.  The entire system will generally pay for itself within ten years, after which the homeowner could end up recouping their investment three types over during the solar system’s (and the homeowner’s) lifetime.

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